**The tutoring services and fees listed below are per student. Please contact Brainy Bee Learning regarding group rates.**


Tutoring is geared towards not only bridging achievement gaps, but also crossing those bridges to the next level. Lessons provided are based upon the individual student’s skill level and needs. Lessons are scheduled for one hour. 30 minutes will be geared towards introduction of new material and/or review of previous material, followed by 30 minutes of application. Tutoring sessions can be held online or in person. Online tutoring services will be provided via Zoom Room. Log-in instructions will be provided. In person tutoring services will be provided at a mutually agreed upon location that is most comfortable for the student. If travel distance is over 15 miles, then there will be a mileage fee. Tutoring rates are as follows:

. . . $45 per hourly session


This will include observation of provider and children, along with hands-on coaching and technical assistance in engaging children and encouraging classroom participation, behavior management and social skills. Classroom management rates are as follows:

. . . $20 per hour plus $0.55 per mile mileage fee


Providers will receive technical assistance on how to optimize classroom space to enhance cognitive, physical and social development. Classroom arrangement rates are as follows:

. . . $20 per hour plus $0.55 per mile mileage fee.

DOCUMENT PREPARATION: Documentation preparation rates are as follows:

*Letters/Articles/Papers (research not included)

. . . $20 first page

. . . $2 each additional page

*Letters/Articles/Papers (research/works cited included)

. . . $40 first page

. . . $0.05 each additional word

*PowerPoint Presentations

. . . $60 up to the first 10 slides

. . . $5 each additional slide


. . . $15 per page


. . . $2 per page

*Parent Notices

. . . $2 per notice

*Enrollment Forms

. . . $15 per set


Facility Records

Staff Records

Child Records

Food Program Records

Record Keeping rates are as follows:

*Two or less staff members and/or 12 or less enrolled children

. . . $50 initial setup

. . . $40 monthly maintenance

*Three to five staff members and/or 13 to 19 enrolled children

. . . $75 initial setup

. . . $50 monthly maintenance

*Six or more staff members and/or 20 or more enrolled children

. . . $100 initial setup

. . . $60 monthly maintenance


*Initial handbook personalized to include your facility’s name, holiday closings, and staff training dates for the enrollment year

. . . $40

*Handbooks for each consecutive year

. . . $25

**All handbooks will be delivered electronically and will be formatted so that it can be saved to ensure copies can be printed as needed. Handbooks will address personal policies and procedures, as well as, state and local licensing and early learning coalition/school readiness requirements. Handbooks that are not purchased consecutively will be provided at the initial handbook rate.


Expert step-by-step technical assistance and guidance on how to open your business according to state licensing standards. This will include physical requirements that will meet the state standards for the amount of children whom you plan to have in your care. Also, you will receive guidance on how to appropriately complete your official application, guidance on staff/volunteer requirements, as well as, guidance on obtaining a fictitious name and insurance requirements. Technical assistance for opening a child care facility are as follows:

. . . $99 (50 or less total child capacity)

. . . $299 (51 – 150 total child capacity)

. . . $599 (151 to 299 total child capacity)

. . . $999 (for 300 or more total child capacity) for two hour consultation/technical advice.

*Additional/Follow Up scheduling

. . .$20 per hour plus $0.55 per mile mileage.